The Following Hair Co.


The Following Hair Co. was created with the feeling of belonging in mind.

Too many times we hear of people being intimidated by a salon space, not feeling that they can access the care they need for their hair and for themselves.

With this in mind, we decided to create a place where people feel they belong, no matter who they are or where they are from.

Inspired by powerful women and fashion, we look to help our guests set themselves apart. Our goal is to help create and mould you into the person you aspire to be, the absolute best version of you.

By forecasting trends, we set out the perfect journey for you and your hair because we understand that planning and knowledge will always give us the best possible outcome.

Our belief in upskilling means that we are continually updating our services and look forward to sharing exciting new styles and techniques with you.

We invite you to come and experience our creative world for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed.